Synthetic Biography

Synthetic was formed in the fall of 2014. The band’s debut album ‘Here Lies The Truth’ was self-released in March 2016 and features two of the most well-established figures in the heavy metal scene. Ettore Rigotti of Disarmonia Mundi is behind the mixing and mastering of the album as well as in the co-production of vocals. Dirk Verbeuren, who at the time was a permanent member of the mighty Soilwork and currently the drummer of metal icons Megadeth, features on the song ‘Hollow’.

The media often pick up on Synthetic’s melodic death metal roots, but there is much more to the band’s sound which incorporates classic British and American heavy metal as well as Progressive rock.

Synthetic has its base in the historic town of Cambridge, UK, home of the legendary Pink Floyd. The band is the epitome of multiculturalism with members originating from Greece, the UK, USA and Netherlands, all bringing different aspects and influences to the final sound and musical direction.

The band currently performs in various festivals and venues across the U.K. whilst also working on new material.

Sterge B. – Vocals
Hal Smith – Keyboards, Guitars
Chris Cassidy – Bass
Joe Ricciardi – Drums
Simon Charkas – Guitars
Faried Verheul - Guitars

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